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Create your own online league.

Our products help you to create a professional E-Sports portal.

Your Premium advantages

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Premium League Script

Our Premium League Script is the right choice for big professional projects. It contains many features you need to get started, e.g. league ranking, cup modul, race modul, different point systems, penalty points, shoutbox, yellow and red cards, Virtual Reality League Mode and many more.

Premium League Script Version 13

Premium League Script League Mode

Create team or user leagues.

Create as any leagues as you want. Choose between 1on1, or Team Leagues. Define promotion and relegation ranks. Decide your point System, e.g. 3 points per win, 1 per draw or change it to whatever you want. It is also possible to use the ELO Point System, known from chess. Define rules, penalty points, see the scorer ranking and many more.

Cup Modul

Create cups with group stage

Create cups with up to 128 participants. The group stage is created with a single click. You can define how many groups you like. The winner from the group stage is automatically set in the cup tree. Simulate a worldcup e.g. is very easy.

Virtual Reality League

Play with real team names

Define a pool of teams with players. You can assign a team a user from your league. Add logos for the teams and let your league look like a real soccer or other sports league.

Match Statistic

Add scorer and yellow and red cards.

Enter the scorer and the goals they shoot or the kills they reached in the game.

Made with love
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Matchplan overview

Generate matchplan overview

Very easy. Just one click and your match plan is generated. You can decide if you want only one half or full half match plans. You can see the results of the matches in the matchplan.