Premium League Script Features



Number of leagues and matches unlimited
Translation German, English and other 17 languages!
Content Management System Yes
Used framework PHP Framework symfony
Enter result Results can be entered, accepted and set as protest.
Diffrence between team/clan and user Yes
Match challenge possible Yes
Rights Yes. The PLS is divided into Administrator, LeagueAdmin, NewsAdmin and User.
Golf points available Yes
3 Point System Yes
Individual point system configurable Yes. Points for win, draw and loose can be set from the administrator
Multi League System. One installation more than one game and league Yes
Guestbook available Yes, can be activated and disabeled
Impress available Yes
News Modul available Yes
Browser support Latest Firefox, latest Internet Explorer, latest Chrome
Protocol of unauthorized calls Yes
User and team profil page Yes
Image Upload for profil, league, games, ... Yes
User registration avalaible Yes
Golf random course configurable Yes, there is a pool of courses which can be used and edited.
First steps page Yes
Shoutbox modul Yes
Newest user modul Yes
Private Messages from User to User Yes
Comments for matches and news Yes
Match screenshot upload Yes
Valuation system Yes. After each match the opponent team or user must enter a valuation (positiv, negativ, neutral). Additionaly it is possible to add a comment. The valuation is visible in the user and team profil.
English manual Yes, manual is available but not completed
League reset for a running season Yes
Website logo upload possible Yes
Footer text editable Yes
Golbals rules configurable Yes
Direct league rules editable Yes
Penalty points for user and teams Yes
Game accounts for user Yes, unlimited. The game accounts are shown in the profil and can only be entered ones without admins help.
Create League Maps, for example for shooter game Yes
Auotmatic match schedule generator Yes
Matchplan overview Yes. There is an overview page where you can see all matches of the matchplan with the results of the games that were played.
Google adsense modul avalaible Yes, you can copy and paste your code in the configuration to activate the advertisement areas on the page.
Shot online modus available Yes. The Premium LEague Script supports Short online. You can add a Shot Online level in your user profil and the script can generate a random course.(
User and team log Yes, you can see every step of each user or team in the their profil log tab.
Award modul Yes, create awards and add them to user or teams. They are shown in their profile.
Hall of fame Yes, add awards and they are shown in the hall of fame
Individual design via css file Yes
External forum integration Yes
Birthday modul Yes
Individual page creation possible Yes, unlimited
MY profile visitor modul Yes, the user can see who has opened his profile.
Teamspeak viewer support Yes, you can use the code and paste it in the PLS.
User and guest online modul Yes
Cup modul integrated Yes, with 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128 participants!
Calender Yes, user can enter if he is in holiday for example. It is shown in the global calender and in the profil of the player.
Android League App Yes
Match Snap Tool inclusive Yes
News Ticker Yes
Race modul Yes create formula 1 or other race leagues.
Private messages info Yes
User skill in the profile Yes, stars show the skill of a player.
Rank Button Code Yes, your league user can see a generated rank button code which can be added to a forum signature, to display the league rank, the name of the league and the name of the player or team.
Difference ladder or league Yes, you can decide if you want to make a ladder or league. If you choose the ladder everyone can challenge each other. In the league only the administrator can define the matches which should be played.
Configurable user agreement Yes. You can add your own user agreement text which is shown to every user who wants to register to your league.
Match demo file upload Yes. You upload match demos to the match detail page.
Theme creation Yes. It is easy to install and create own themes. Just one upload and one drop down to select your theme.
Automatic match schedule creates real matches Yes. If you create a match schedule, all matches are generated by the script. There is a text representation and the real matches available.
Partner Modul Yes. A slider shows your partner. You can configure them in the backend.
Trusted Player Yes. You can add a trusted logo to user in your league.
Premium Player Yes. You can add a premium logo to user in your league.
Private Message for match challenges Yes. You get a private info message about incoming match challenges.
File up/download page Yes. Administrate files you need for the league. Just use the upload form and they are shown in the downloadarea of the league.
External team list Yes. You can show or hide the list of registered teams as administrator.
Elo Point System Yes. You can choose the Elo Point System for user and team leagues!
Cup Advertisement Yes. Current cups are shown in a cup box. Very easy to participate!
Set teams or users in leagues as admin Yes. You can manually add registered teams or player to a league.
Match challenge proposal Yes. If a match challenge has a bad time you are able to propose a new match point.
Match Support Area Yes. As Administrator you have a overview about all matches that are not accepted or in a protest status.
Team matches with user selection Yes. Select all team member which participated in a match and add their points. The PLS is automatically calculating a point rank for every player of team!
Match challenge with start and end Yes. You can define the duration of match schedule day!
Virtual Reality League Yes. A really amazing features for the PLS! Create real life leagues with a player database for example for soccer. Create players and teams and add them to specific users in leagues. Have a look at our documentation in our online wiki.
Polls Yes. Create polls for your league. You can add as many polls and answers as you like.
Counter statistics Yes. You can see a hit and visitor counter.
Move a player to a team Yes. As administrator you are able to move a registered user to a created team.
E-Mail Newsletter Yes. You have the possibility to create Newsletters for Team Manager, all users of a league or all users of all leagues
Last match comments shown list shown in the startsite Yes. You can see the latest match comments in a tab within the startsite. Now you are always informed about new comments.
Create Premium or Trusted leagues! Yes. You can create leagues that can only be joined by players or teams that either have a premium or trusted status or both.
SMTP Support for E-Mails! Yes. You can configure in the admin center if you want to send your E-Mails via php mail() or via SMTP.
Cup matches can be sorted as administrator Yes. You can manually define which cup participant plays against which cup participant.
Forum Yes. There is a integrated forum solution.
Virtual Reality League Avatar Yes. User/teams can add a profile image, but with this extension it is also possible to add a second logo for Virtual Reality Leagues.
Gameaccount Check Yes. Before joining a league a required gameaccount is checked within the user profil. It is not added a join to the league is not possible.
Cup group stage Yes. It is possible to create cups with groups. The 1st and 2st winner of the groups will participate in the cup tree.
Cup checkin before cup start Yes. To see which user really participates the cup, the particpant has to checkin before the cups starts. The checkin time is configurable.
Facebook Login It is possible to activate the facebook login.
PayPal Membership Plugin Earn money with your league if you have the commercial license and the PayPal Membership Plugin. The Premium Membership is administrated automatically from the script.

We always want to add new cool features. You have a good idea for a new feature? Please use our bug- and featuretracker. We will give you a fast response on every entry you make. Promised! Feature Tracker