Ultimate League App

What is the Ultimate League App?

The ultimate League App is a Android App which gives mobil access to your Premium League Script project.

What are the fetaures?

The app is nice and for mobile access optimized. See the rank of all your leagues. Only load data you really need. This is fast and good for your limited mobile flaterate.

Summary of features:

Screenshot with the mobile phone ... is good for???

Just think of all the consoles out there like xbox and ps3. It is very easy to make a match screenshot for such a TV game, because you can use your mobile phone camera. this foto is automatically uploaded to the match detail page.

Who should use this app?

Every mobile phone user who has a android os.

Is there advertisement or a copyright visible?

No! everthing looks like your individual Android App! Your league will look more professional!

How much does it cost?

The Ultimate League App costs 79 Cent

I want to download this App

Every Premium League Script has a link to this Android App out of the box.

This is the direct link: Android MarketplaceUltimate league app

Does this App have a manual?

Yes every feature is documented in our wiki:

Leaguescript Wiki